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No need to apologize. It was handled accordingly, and as civilized as it could be. Thank you, though, for the support.

August  23   ( 2 )

          “Did you find what you were looking for?”

          “You picked a damn good
                      time to bring that up.”
                Venomous snark.

August  23   ( 1 )

             Tightened bond becomes apparent.
                         “You’re injured.”

          “You’re making it harder than it needs to be.”

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          Endearment is met with mutuality based on
          the plain of mannerism ( and camaraderie).
          Gratitude lingers in eyes, but only minimally
          as to cap exaggeration.

                       “You too.”


August  23   ( 1 )

Like for a one liner.

August  23   ( 5 )


‹▋◤itanium◢▋› head dips subtly in silent agreement as precarious footsteps tap noiselessly upon contact beneath corpus.
I'll cover rear.”


          In which she herself would take point, a lead that
          required an armament to seize hold of brandished
          reality. A crimson elongation of steel now is exposed
          forthright, instead of its slumber along her spine.

August  23   ( 4 )
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                               Haunting was this breeze that blew through onyx mane, sending
                   shivers down a hardened spine. The soldier remembered its call, how
                   could he not? He only thought of that very sound for as long as it had
                   disappeared from his life. And perhaps nostalgia brought upon him that
                   feeling of elation, or maybe it had been dread. Zack couldn’t sift through
                   the emotions quick enough for him to figure it out entirely.

Boots trudging across dust and ruin, for even though he knew not
                   the destination that call would be, but he could always sense her a mile
                   away. He prided himself in that. And perhaps their reunion would be all
                   too soon. Pastel pink with all its grace and hardened beauty appeared
                   within those energy infused orbs and he fought down the urge to crack a
                   smile. Zack knew what was in store, he could hear her tone now, but
                   holding her in his gaze again would be worth the lecture.

He missed her.

          Where joy should be present, there is a bitterness
          akin to the coldest peaks or the darkest depths of
          any oceanic crevice. It’s an irritability based through
          the misplacement and lack of presence, absence
          drawn forth in lieu of what is and what isn’t. In a
          way, memories draw forth a desire to hold presence
          along his side. Perhaps this is the humanity that has
          returned to her after the tale of a savior has come to
          its close, only for a new chapter to begin its written exposition.

          But this feeling does not come without the distasteful
          hitch in one’s breath upon audible consumption to that
          of shuffling footwork. The harshness is revived in a
          gaze so cold that directs itself edgeward, to a flank so
          that peripheral pierce takes up a SOLDIER’s approach.
          No words are spoken, for that gaze shows disappointment
          enough. Stillyet, it is something that she is aware that
          he is fully aware of as well. It goes without saying that
          distance and time has worn on what once was
                                                             something beyond beauty.

                      A bond

                                She lets out a small breath.
                                        C o n f l i c t e d .


August  23   ( 5 )
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August  23   ( 1 )



            “Well, kind of a general question, I’m just confused.”

          “You shouldn’t be.”

August  23   ( 13 )



        “Why is it getting a movie adaptation?
             I thought it was a horrible book.”

          “You’re asking me?”

August  23   ( 13 )
hallothien: ''It's good to have you around, Light.''

          This births a subtle positive alignment through
          tiers of supple proportionality. A nod accompanies
          such likeness.
                    Gratitude by camaraderie’s hold.

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