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"Remember that you are loved. Through the bad and good nights. You have a warm heart, a sweet smile, a kind personality and you are strong. You are awesome to talk to, as well! You're fun to be around. Don't forget it. Smile big, Taylor mun. <3"

Thank you, anon. I appreciate your kindness and words.

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The General would look down, not wanting to make eye contact for the moment. He closed his eyes, then spoke quietly. “—You make it sound like I like disappearing, Claire. Do you think I do it to cause you harm or make you worry…?” He looked up, light lavenders staring intently at her. “In particular, of all people… I did not think you would care at all.”

          The finalization of corresponding responsiveness is
          bypassed, the assumption that one’s own holds no
          care of camaraderie’s absence or presence draws
          upon oceanic oculi a stiffness. Thin brows knit inward,
          but this does not go without the desire to let slender
          limbs to settle ‘bout a femininely toned torso.

                     Yet it is hindered, standing one’s ground by neutral
                      positioning and stance came as a safeguard. Supple
                      tiers of roseate let speech escape once more.

                             “Stay or go.
                    Make a choice and stick with it.”




                 ❝…What business do you still have
                    here? It’s not safe here—-!

     The silver haired male sighed in discontent, shaking his
     head about. Silver, being as young as he is, should take
     a liking to people—- especially new faces, but considering
     the current living conditions on Earth…

                         Things just weren’t the same anymore.

           Tufts of roseate are willed to furrow in lieu of
           abrupt query. Hostility is sensed and taken heed
           of only by ear. Yet, such likeness of hostility is
           unnecessary. Thus leading to bodily alter of direction.
           Alabastrine countenance is unmoved, nigh apathetic.

                  “My business doesn’t involve you.”
                 Hence, footwork continues by wayward whim.

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"[ when I see your URL I think of how amazing you are at portraying Lightning, I honestly love reading your threads and seeing how wonderful your characterization is! One day I will gather up the courage to plot with you, but until I will watch from afar and enjoy. ]"

Aah.. thank you, dear. Don’t ever be afraid to interact with me, though. I’m up for any and everything. Alright?

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yo ♥

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"When I see your url, I think of a very strong person who manages to deal with every piece of crap people throw at her. I see someone people should really take time to get and know because you're very sweet, you're very intelligent, and you're an all around fun person to talk to! You are a natural born leader, and you give everything 110% when you do it. When I see you? I think go hard or go home."

That’s sweet of you. I do like to think of myself as a natural born leader, honestly. Thank you, lovely.

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The male’s face turned solemn, looking over to the woman. She seemed so angry at first, and now she sounds worried… or offended? He sighed. “Was I not supposed to come back, Claire…? Should I just leave again?”

          And let the silence consume. The veil of which is
          akin to a darkness so blinding that it seizes all senses.
          But torn asunder is this silence midst momentary lapse.
          The rasp of femininely firmed articulation lifts forth once

                                “It’s not like it would matter.
                     Disappearing acts are routine by now, right?”
                                             So bitter.

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"//When I see your URL I think "there goes Light, writing a blog about herself". You're awesome and your portrayal is amazing!"

Ha.. thank you, Aer-mun.

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What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL? 



"Oh my, I do not? That is funny… Then why are you here?" The male only gestured his hand towards the woman. "I would believe I am at the top of the list."

          “You showed up.
              You came back.
                       Why now?”

               A sneer is given, but it is eased into nothingness.
               The bitter exudation is held down by reins.

                    “Don’t just act like nothing happened.”



"Well, what am I supposed to do? Wear a bag on my head? Or, I do not know, Claire… Maybe you should not seek out things you do not wish to see."

                               “A bag?”
               Let it be that a scoff is given release.

                 “How original.
                    And as for seeking out anything,
                you damn well don’t fall under that list.”

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"Oh, I missed you too, Claire."

          “——You’ve got a lot of damn
              nerve showing your face again.”



"Truthfully, I really must stop doing this…"

          “Not like anyone’s surprised.”