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Title: A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)
Artist: Jamie Christopherson
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A Stranger I Remain / MG Rising

                                     And the wounded cry out.

A fang, namesake’s blessing be of Overture,
grazes and bites into flesh ‘neath armor now
brittle from contact. Shoulders lacerated, spines
now kissed by pain and agonizing split of tissue.
It goes without saying that strength blesses her so,
metallic divinity. The shifting of plated containment,
filaments of roseate bending to the will of hastened
mobility that grants weave of personage throughout
the flurry of a multitudinous of rogue azure. An
unnecessary opposition, hence the minimal drive in
enforced fury of strikes.

Nothing that would strip them of their lives, nay. But
instead, it is to etch a warning onto the parchment of
gaining, opposing cognition. A ronin better left untouched
by those that are unsure. Perhaps, of course, this lord-lacking
wanderer tested the lands of a lord. But it matters not,
for when striding forthright on wayward will of whim, as
though mobility was based on the likeness of clockwork,
only to be provoked by soldiers ignorant to one’s own
unmarked garb, retaliation is a necessary evil.

So let it be that the pommel of a Western fashioned armament
is driven midst the rearward canvas of partially concealed next.
Let it be that the soldier’s spine would lock through excessive
trauma to corresponding vertebrae. But also let it be that as this
strike holds true, forcing them from under their feet, that a patella
is there to greet that fall. Only to shatter the bridge of a nasal fixture.

   A storm with skin.

The firmness of articulation, feminine yet strong by all means,
lifts forth once rotating around an oncoming assailant in evasion
of a clumsy swing of blade.

                          “You don’t want to do this.”

          They protest, vulgarity and gestures being birthed.
     Digits now wrap around the guard of Western brilliancy.


i am told this is where he fought his most desperate battle and where he suffered his most greatest losses. to calm the dragon’s impetuous soul, to help heal his wounds and rebuild his strength, no other place could have served as well.



                  "I already know what you’re going to say.
                                            But don’t.”

          “Fine by me. Makes things easier.”

veritasetutilitas whispered:

"you & me = great chemistry."

you know it.

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frigidum whispered:

"*happy little brother noises*"

[ content big sister noises ]

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"I guess so. I always seem to wake up just before running into you. Why is that?”

        “Who knows. I guess we’ll just have
         to chock it up to old-fashioned fate.”

                Such words settled over a tongue bitterly,
   as though the taste disrupted one’s own isolated harmony.


"Looks like you’re still prowling around — And so the story goes.”


          “——A story that’s gone on for a long time, huh?”


I swear, I need a cocktail and a lobotomy.

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